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craft_qs's Journal

Crafty Questions & Answers
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This is a community created by antirealitygirl to cater to crafters of all ages who have questions about their projects, gift ideas, or where to locate specific materials. The rules are fairly simple, just know the following.

1. All questions will be listed in the memories section soon after they're posted, so please check them before you ask. Odds are, you're not the only one with the same question. If your question is an extension of something that was already answered, feel free to comment to that entry with your questions.

2. This community is more for asking questions about crafts than showcasing what you've made. As much as we'd love to see your finished projects, those pictures are better suited for craftgrrl. On the other hand, if you have questions about a not-quite-finished project of yours, and would like to show us how far along you are, those types of pictures are definitely encouraged. :)

That's about it. Ask questions, answer questions, have fun! :)